Isabel Massey

Head of Media & Futures, Diageo

How important is OOH to Diageo?

Outdoor is an incredibly important media channel in order for us to drive brand fame across our entire portfolio. We have continued to invest behind Outdoor for the last 5 years but really it has been across the last few years that we have seen the possibilities that Outdoor has for our brands in terms of the way that we can be more dynamic, more flexible and of course more creative in this previously quite static medium.

How are you starting to use dynamic digital OOH as a normal part of your plans?

So, over the last year we have started experimenting more in Digital Out-Of-Home and in particular thinking about how we deliver the perfect serve across our portfolio. What I mean by that is the right message at the right time and putting in the right brands in order to deliver a message that will enable us to connect with the consumers, given their mind state at that particular time. So, whether it be Gordon’s and Tonic just when you’re going home from work or whether it be Smirnoff at that time during the Pride festival in London or Guinness during the Rugby World Cup, we can ensure that we are delivering our brands at that moment and DOOH allows us that flexibility in order to be flexible in terms of which brands we are serving at which time. There is no other channel that allows us to have that broad catch reach but also real flexibility when it comes to our creative. And this is something we are expecting to see more of over the coming years, but we are delighted to be one of the first few that are taking advantage of true portfolio buying across all of our brands.

What insights do you have?

Outdoor and real-time go hand in hand, and that couldn’t be truer than of our campaign that we ran with Pimms this Summer, where we used real-time, in-bar data, so in-bar sensors that allows us to know when people are in bars, in order to define what we ran in Outdoor. So when bars were quiet we could support our bar customers, we could make sure that we were supporting them by putting a creative in proximity to that bar and sending people through to that bar, in order to drive footfall at those quieter times. Whether it was rainy or sunny we had the perfect message for them, which we delivered in real time, based on the number of people that were in bar and the weather at that time.

Predictions for the

dynamic/OOH market?

In previous times when it comes to creative use of Outdoor it’s been difficult to do that at scale, so the flexibility that we’ll see as we start to do data-led Outdoor planning means that we can be more creative with real scale. And that to me is incredibly exciting. Outdoor has previously been quite an expensive channel to use when it comes to dialing up the creativity. This will allow us to do it at a cost that suits the advertiser but also allows us to be really engaging from a consumer perspective. So my prediction would be much more creativity in this channel and a lot more awards for Outdoor going forward.